“[At Sea] is an extremely personal album – that’s part of what makes it

so special. Yet its message is universal: Loss, longing, love, laughter.

Anne’s lovely voice weaves magic. Her truth makes me cry.”

                                                                                       Julie Andrews




“Besides having one of the most extraordinary voices in

the world, Anne Runolfsson sings with a beauty and depth

that is absolutely remarkable.”

                                                                                       Liza Minnelli




“Anne Runolfsson has a voice of rare beauty and versatility

and range of expression that make her vocal interpretations

always moving, fresh and compelling.”

                                                                                      Maury Yeston




“Anne Runolfsson has a show-stopping, death-defying vocal range and dexterity.

Her voice is an exquisitely versatile instrument, delicate and expressive 

as a piccolo solo one moment, bold and sassy as a brass band the next.”

                                                                                        Leslie Bricusse 




“Anne Runolfsson at one point, stood center stage, threw her arms open wide

and belted a high D for a page and a half. She did this with such ease and grace

that it appeared to be the most natural thing in the world-and believe me, it is NOT.

She then turned around and produced an operatic high B flat in the big love duet

that would have been welcomed on any operatic stage in the world. She is the woman

for whom I coined the expression, ‘She can sing the ass off a donkey.’ "

                                                                                                   Ed Dixon

                                 from the book "Secrets of a Life On Stage and Off"




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